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Fire Monitoring

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We believe that having effective procedures and measures in place can save lives. With our smart IoT fire system, FireAlert, we enable fire safety measures to be implemented, upheld and managed efficiently.

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Fire Alarm Management System

We help you to transform your devices into smart devices. Our range of services includes IoT App Development, IoT Implementation & Support, IoT Gateway Development, IoT Cloud Platform and IoT Maintenance Services.

Fire Equipment Inspection Management System

Regular maintenance and supervision of fire equipment is vital to ensure they remain in top condition. We develop an inspection management system to automate the inspection process so that all of the important fire apparatus could be tracked and recorded easily.

AI Powered Fire Detection

Using thermal camera with object recognition algorithms, we could provide early fire and smoke detection for both indoor and open spaces.

What are our products?

FireAlert - Fire Alarm Management System

A smart fire alarm system assists in providing vital protection to businesses, landlords and public sector buildings by enhancing traditional fire detection equipment.

Three types of sensors are supported:
1. Conventional wired fire sensors
2. LoraWan wireless sensors
3. Thermal camera

Fire Equipment Inspection Management System

Through the installation of electron tags on fire-fighting facilities, managing fire-fighting equipment becomes a breeze. The functionalities of the system includes: registration of the fire-fighting equipment, modification of equipment’s information, generation of maintenance report, etc.

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