Fire Equipment
Inspection Management System

Fire Equipment Inspection Management System

Through the installation of electronic tags on fire-fighting facilities, managing fire-fighting equipment becomes a breeze. The functionalities of the system includes: registration of the fire-fighting equipment, modification of equipment’s information, generation of maintenance report, etc.


  • Electronic Identification Tags
  • Photos Upload
  • GIS Business Intelligence
  • Workflow Controls
  • Mobility


Fire Equipment Management

Easy registration and information modification of fire equipment. The system also provides complete inventory of the inspection points, with location and status.

Barcode/QR Codes

Barcode or QR code scanning using mobile devices allows speedy and accurate inspections by cutting down on data entry needs and ensuring the correct item is being inspected.

Inspection History

Complete inspection history can be viewed for every equipment

Report Generator

Organized and detailed reports with images can be created.

User Management

Enable administrators to manage user access to different IT resources like systems, devices, applications, storage systems, networks, etc.

Role Management

Enable administrators to define custom role groups, assign roles & customize the access privileges for each role as per project requirements.